Farmer with Pigs in Winter Pasture

Chapter 1

Farming Friendships

Yankee Flats Meats grew out of the needs of farming and the beauty of friendship.

In 2017, James and Chelsea Keenan moved their growing family out of the city with a simple plan to buy an acreage and farm pigs - a plan that would prove almost impossible. Almost, but not quite, and after five years, the Keenan’s small family farm was providing fresh, delicious pork to their community.

The only problem was that they didn’t have a good way to process all that tasty meat.

Around the same time, Scott and Lydia McKnight had been learning the hard way how difficult pig farming is - especially if you’re also trying to cut, wrap, and market your pork. Scott’s parents Stuart and Teresa McKnight supported them along the way - at times hosting waaaay too many pigs on their small acreage and often accepting bacon as a form of payment.

After a year of doing everything, the McKnights met the Keenans and it seemed like a match made in heaven. The Keenan family would raise the pigs and the McKnights would process.

What could go wrong?

Construction of Local Abbatoir In Salmon Arm

Chapter 2

A Bad Dream Turns To a Good One

Well, the supply chain took a tumble and the families found themselves unable to find a local, reliable, provincially-inspected abattoir.

It felt a little bit like a nursery rhyme nightmare: hundreds of pigs but no way to market… and they couldn’t stay home.

But after over a year of hard work, the Keenans and McKnights began to see a big dream emerge from their friendship: Yankee Flats Meats.

Beef, pork and chicken seasonal freezer packs of meat.

Chapter 3

Better for Farmers, Better for You

Yankee Flats Meats is a provincially-inspected abattoir and processing facility that serves local farmers - giving family farms a way to bring high-quality meat to market.

The farms partnered with Yankee Flats Meats don’t need to “get big or get out”. They can stay local and stay family-run. It’s better for farmers, and it’s better for the animals they care for.

It’s also better for our neighbours like you, who get to enjoy a variety of delicious, wholesome, meats from healthy animals who’ve been cared for by people you know and trust.

And it’s even a little better for our world, since our farmers don’t have to ship animals across the province and we sell our meats right here in the Shuswap, Thompson, and Okanagan. Our meats don’t travel farther than a pig could walk - although a bit farther than a chicken could fly.

Well, that’s that, but if you’d like to write your own ending to this story, then head on over to our store and pick out a box of our delicious local meats...Or scroll on to meat (oops, meet) the families.

Meet The Yankee Flats Families

James and Chelsea Keenan

James and Chelsea Keenan

One-time city-slickers turned first-generation farmers and parents to five curious, hard-working, and sometimes barefoot kids.

Lydia and Scott McKnight

Scott and Lydia McKnight

Chasing dreams (and sometimes pigs), carrying around the cutest baby on the farm, and keeping the cutting floor busy wrapping up the finest meats in the valley

Stuart and Teresa McKnight

Stuart and Teresa McKnight

Scotland meets Drumheller with a warm home, an ear for music, a great accent and an appreciation of really good food (although Yankee Flats Meats will not be offering haggis)