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Yankee Flats Meats

Half Pig Deposit

Half Pig Deposit

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Our high quality heritage pork is raised by our local farming family, fed corn and soy free non-GMO grains and natural forage, and are hormone and antibiotic free.

Stock up with a mix of delicious cuts pork and family favourites, curated and cut by our butcher.

Price is $7.50/lb hanging weight

+ $5.25/lb x belly weight for bacon.

+ $3.00/lb x leg roast weight for hams.

+ $3.50/lb x trim weight used for sausage (option available of ground pork instead of sausage at no additional cost). 

A side of pork is approximately 80lbs hanging. Thus, approximate cost is $600 + $100-$200 for value added products. 

Remaining balance due at time of pick up or delivery.

Standard Butcher Cut Includes:

  • Shoulder Roasts
  • Picnic Roasts
  • Bone-In Chops
  • Ribs
  • Bacon
  • Hams
  • Customer choice for trim: 100% ground (no additional cost), 50% ground/50% sausage or 100% sausage.
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