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Yankee Flats Meats

Half Pig Deposit

Half Pig Deposit

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Our high quality heritage pork is raised by our local farming family, fed corn and soy free non-GMO grains and natural forage, and are hormone and antibiotic free.

Stock up with a mix of delicious cuts pork and family favourites. We provide you with a cut sheet to fill out so that you can customize the cuts to your family's liking. 

Orders currently being fulfilled for: August 2024.

Price is $7.50/lb hanging weight

+ $5.25/lb x belly weight for bacon (optional).

+ $3.00/lb x leg roast weight for hams (optional).

+ $3.50/lb x trim weight used for sausage (option available of ground pork instead of sausage at no additional cost). 

A side of pork is approximately 80lbs hanging. Thus, approximate cost is $600 + $100-$200 for value added products. 

Remaining balance due at time of pick up or delivery, based on hanging weight. 

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Customer Reviews

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Anne Shaw
Great Product

We have enjoyed all the products from Yankee Flats Meat. Everything comes very well packaged. Sausages are really good, all the meat is very tasty. We will be back for more. Thank you.